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Dr. Diana Benavides

Life, Love, Relationship, Family, Business,

Mental Health, Spiritual Master Coach.

Ministry Coaching - Coaching Ministerial

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Coaching Work Health and Life Balance Concept
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Dr. Diana Benavides, BA, MA, MBA, PhD.

Florida based grad and undergrad College Professor with an ​extensive background in Education Business Administration and ​Entrepreneurship in different industries, products, services and ​markets with a national and international approach in the ​private, public, profit and non-profit sector. An accredited and ​certified life, spiritual, professional, business, career, mental ​health, and faith-lens relationship mentor and coach. And ​certified in other holistic & spiritual disciplines & practices, ​and licenses.

Profesora y catedrática universitaria de posgrado y pregrado

con sede en Florida, con una amplia experiencia en educación, ​administración de empresas y espíritu empresarial en diferentes ​industrias, productos, servicios y mercados con un enfoque ​nacional e internacional en el sector privado, público, lucrativo y ​sin fines de lucro. Mentora y coach acreditada y certificada de ​vida, espiritual, profesional, business, profesional, de salud ​mental y relaciones a través de un lente y contexto de fe. Y ​certificada en otras disciplinas y prácticas holísticas y ​espirituales, y licencias.

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Coaching Work Health and Life Balance Concept
Diet & Weight control

Many people are battling with their ​weight and the health issues that ​ensue. For many, the challenges are ​endless, the diets do not last. The ​consequences can be life threating, ​emotionally devastating, and mentally ​draining, yet those afflicted often lack ​the knowledge to make the necessary ​changes to overcome the addiction.

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Muchas personas, por las razones que ​sean, tienen una lucha constante con su ​peso, y los problemas de salud que esto ​conlleva. Para muchos los desafios son ​interminables y las dietas no perduran. ​Las consecuencias pueden ser de vida y ​muerte, emocionalmente desvastador, ​y mentalmente agotador. Las personas ​no tienen conocimiento de los cambios ​necesarios para combatir esta aflicion o ​adiccion.

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Master Mental Health Coach

Specialized in:

Crisis Response & Trauma

Professional Life/Business Coaching, Youth ​Mental Healt Coaching, Suicide & Prevention, ​Marriage & Family, Weight Management, ​Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy, Spiritual ​Coaching & more than 50 specialties in the ​holistic arena & mystic-spiritual realm + ​natural/organic gifts.

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Especializada en:

Trauma & Respuesta a la Crisis

Cuidado pastoral y capellanía

Coach Espiritual y Espiritualidad

Coach de Vida Profesional & Negocios

Coach de Salud Mental para Jovenes

Coach Espiritual, Suicidio & Prevencion

Mas de 50 especialidades en la arena holistic ​& el reino mistico-espiritual + dones ​naturales & organicos.